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Pests possibly found in your carpet

Sometimes it is possible to be affected by insect pests in your carpets such as carpet beetle, moth or sometimes fleas.

Some of the above can not only irritate from biting (fleas) but can also cause huge amounts of damage if not treated (moth larvae eating the pile of your carpet).

Discovery of any of the above can be quite distressing for some people and then may panic and possibly feel that others might look upon them as “dirty or unclean” this is not always the case as in some cases they may be brought in by pets or be inherited with the house. In the case of moths unfortunately they are a job to avoid even for the most dedicated cleaners among us. These pests can generally be treated by comfort care.

Restoring rotary machinesCleaning machine repairs and restoration

Even your most trusted machines can break down sometimes. We can carry out all types of repair for cleaning machines from replacing flex to replacement of motors etc.

Does your rotary machine looking well used or rusty and let your image down?

Perhaps your Victor rotary machine has always been a loyal piece of equipment and you can’t bear to part with it and just think of the cost to replace it. For a fraction of the cost of replacement you can have your machines refurbished, this can include the complete strip down and rebuild refinishing to a superb standard, the final colour finish can even be to your own individual company colours.

Refurbished rotary machines  
Refurbished rotary machines
Refurbished rotary machines



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